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  • Peter Maria Schäfer (*1961),

    photographer and filmmaker, had already once honored

    Holocaust survivor Tadeusz Szymanski (1917–2002)

    with his journalistic work in form of a film. Now he

    is dedicating a book to him with a series of impres-

    sive photographs that he has taken since the mid-

    1980s at the former extermination camp Auschwitz,

    as well as in the town’s Judengasse. Tadeusz

    Szymanski, who was severely ill at the time of

    his admission to Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1941 and

    therefore already selected, did survive because

    they wanted to study the pathogenesis of typhus

    on him as a living »subject of research«.

  • In 1945,

    on a transport to Buchenwald shortly before the

    arrival of the Soviet Army, he managed to flee

    during a stopover on Czech territory. As early as

    1946, Szymanski together with other former

    prisoners, was involved in the preservation of

    the camp complex in Auschwitz and the local

    establishment of a memorial. At the Museum

    Auschwitz-Birkenau, he mainly looked after visitors

    during the 1950’s, fought for the establishment

    of an international youth educational center and,

    until his retirement in 1977, directed the collections

    of the camp’s museum. Tadeusz Szymanski, who

    is considered a pioneer of Polish reconciliation

    with Germany, was awarded the Theodor-Heuss-

    Medal in 1986.




24.80 Euro

48 Seiten, Hardcover, 30× 21 cm,

24 farbige Abbildungen,

Vorwort (dt./eng./poln.)

von Gabriele Hannen

48 p., hardcover, 300× 210 mm,

24 colored illustrations,

preface (German/ English/ Polish)

by Gabriele Hannen

A living room in Auschwitz

A movie by Michael Müller and Peter Maria Schäfer for WDR, Cologne



Peter Maria Schäfer

Papiermühlenweg 74

40882 Ratingen

Language setting: deut. / pol.


Peter Maria Schäfer

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